1. 5 Benefits of a Smart Scale

    1. It can be used by several family members

    Smart scales are perfect for a health conscious family because multiple people can use the same scale. For e.g. Yunmai Smart Scale keeps tracks of 16 users at a time.

    A user does not need to enter his user name password every time he logs in to the application. Yunmai smart scale differentiates each individual user based on his prior reading. For e.g. if a user weighs 50 k.g and the other 60 k.g then scale will automatically figure out who is weighing.

    If two family members have very close readings, the app will ask the person being weighed at the moment to confirm his identity.

    2. Smart scales make weight management easy

    Smart scales offer complete tracking experience tailored to individuals seeking easy, effective weight management. Each session of weighing in provides ins

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  2. Taazgee Unveils Yunmai Mini in Pakistan

    Taazgee Unveils Yunmai Mini

    Taazgee (Pvt) Limited today announced the launch of Yunmai Mini, its first generation mini smart scale and body analyzer.

    Yunmai is one the top brands for smart digital scales in the world.

    In addition to weight, it measures body mass index (BMI,) basal metabolic rate (BMR,) body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, protein and fitness age.

    Yunmai scale is designed for multiple users (up to 16,) has easy to use interface and connects to cell phones through bluetooth. Yunmai app syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit, enabling its users to create a more targe

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  3. How to Pick the Perfect Smart Scale

    The key to picking the perfect smart body fat scale is by determining how it will fit in your current lifestyle. All scales will track your weight and allow you to choose between kg and lb. Most will also track one or more of other important metrics such as BMI, body fat percentage and muscle and bone mass.

    Below are factors to consider when choosing the perfect smart scale:

    Identity Metrics You Want to Track

    It is important to identify the metrics you would want to track. For the majority of people that would be body fat, weight, and BMI metrics. You may also look for muscle mass, body mass, and hydration levels if you are interested in more data.

    Automatic Person Identification

    The smart scale you choose should automatically recognize the user weighing in based on the person's profile on thei

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  4. Factors that affect Your Smart Scale Readings

    In my last post I mentioned about the accuracy of your smart scale - How accurate is your smart scale? In this post I'll discuss some factors that affect the accuracy of your scale:


    If you sweat a lot from exercise or due to the weather or are simply hydrated you will have less water in the body for the electric current from the scale to run through. Dehydration may result in a higher body fat reading than it already is. The opposite is also true. Your body fat reading may be lower than it is if you drink too much fluid, have a full bladder during weigh in or if you are a woman experiencing water retention due to the menstrual cycle. To get accurate results, it is important to be aware of the effect

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  5. Are Smart Weighing Scales Accurate?

    Studies have concluded that smart body scales do not provide precise readings, instead, they give an estimate. Many factors such as body type, movement, hydration, body temperature, highly callused or dirty feet, recent exercise as well as the type and quality of the product itself can have an impact on the data you see on the scale.

    Results of body fat scales may not be accurate to kids under the age of 16 years, people with diabetes, elevated body temperature, elderly people, highly trained athletes, children with osteoporosis and other health c

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  6. Don’t Let Your Brain Eat Itself


    According to a new study shared in New Scientist your brain cells start to eat themselves if they haven’t got a good sleep.

    Clean-up cells in your brain are called astrocyts are like mini vacume cleaners in your brain. Their prime function is to sweep up those cells which are weak and break apart. The lead author of the article Michele Bellese told the magazine that because of sleep loss portions of synapses are literally eaten by astrocytes because of lack of sleep.

    A synapse is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron.

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  7. 7 Benefits of Using Yunmai Smart Scale

    Yunmai - Bia Technology

    7 Benefits of Using Yunmai Smart Scale

    1. Yunmai mini smart scale body fat analyzer measures your body from head to toe to provide comprehensive and accurate measurements that help you achieve long-term weight loss success.

    2. The scale helps improve your overall weight loss and weight management through a food diary log in the app that accesses all your eating and exercise habits.

    3. The scale features an alarm clock that reminds you when to weigh in.

    4. Yunmai mini smart has goal tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor your weight, record your exercise routine, track food intake among others.

    5. The scale provides up to 10 precision body measurements and the information is ea

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  8. Wrong Choices – You’d Wish You Never Did It in Life

    Balancing Act

    In my previous posts I’ve discussed the Flame of Life and the Choices we must make to keep it brightly lit. Today I’ll discuss those choices which dim your Flame of Life.

    1. Not Balancing Spirituality and Materialism

    There’s a well known saying:

    If you follow your heart, money will follow you.

    I know, I know you may say what about those hundreds of thousands of aspiring writer and artists whose books and paintings never sell. It’s more about never giving up in spite of all the odds against you. It’s also about taking both your body and heart side by side. You must first cater to the needs of your body and your family and while doing so you must also not forget the call of your heart. Life’s more like a very fine balancin

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  9. Asking the Right Questions

    Right Questions

    I know it's hard to believe but in fact most of our present life is a sum of our previous choices. You can compare your life to a tree. A tree doesn’t grow tall overnight. It takes years and years to grow tall, with proper growth conditions. Similarly the state in which you are today does not happen overnight or is not a result of a few choices. Conditioning counts and parents/relatives/teachers do have a big role to play in this conditioning. More about conditioning will be discussed in some later post.

    If someone is under $50000/- debt, it didn’t happen overnight. Relationships don’t breakup for a single wrong reason. You don’t put up 50 pounds of overweight by eating just a few desserts. We must understand that if we’re in a rut, it’s because of repeate

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  10. Yunmai Scale Means Convenience

    Yunmai Scale - Keep Fit and Smart

    Yunmai scale alone displays your weight and body fat percentage.

    To get all the other body metrics you will need to download the Yunmai app. Just scan the code that came with the scale through your smart phone and Yunmai App will autodownload. Select your gender on the app, name, height, and age to set up a profile.

    The app lets you sync your weight loss profile so you can keep track of every inch of your body to enable you easily tackle your strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to navigate and it displays your real-time stats on graph charts so you can see your virtual reports.

    The scale allows you to boast about your weight loss journey to your friends and family through social sharing. To set up multiple user modes on the app, select your profile then select "Family members" to add a user. The app can sync with

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